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Early Installment Character Design Difference: The first Dalek

Dressing as the Enemy: Ian at one point climbs into an immobilized Dalek. Early Installment Character Design Difference: The first Dalek props lack the vertical panels attached to the “shoulder” section of their casings. Early Installment Weirdness: These Daleks need radiation and static electricity to survive. Later Ret Conned as them being an early Davros experiment. No Hugging, No Kissing was not yet in place, and Barbara is free to snog a random cute guy. Susan and The Doctor are clearly worried that The Doctor may die of radiation sickness. Regeneration wouldn’t be conceived of until just before William Hartnell was about to leave the show. The story has the moral “War and genocide is bad. And so is pacifism!” Additionally, the Doctor and the others act more pragmatically and more out of more blatant self interest. This was before the Doctor became a Badass Pacifist. Faking Engine Trouble: The Doctor wants to explore the city on the planet they just landed on while his companions want to leave. He pretends a part is damaged in order to force a trip to the city. Fantastic Radiation Shielding: The Thals survive on the planet’s surface through drugs which cure radiation sickness and also prevents negative effects from further radiation. Fantastic Racism: The Daleks towards the Thals, simply because they’re different, hence the deliberate use of Beauty Equals Goodness. The Daleks constantly refer to Thals as “mutants”; audience expectations are subverted when they turn out to be handsome and human looking. Ghost City: The Dalek city appears to be one in Episode 1. Ghost Planet: In fact, the entire planet appears to be catastrophically depopulated in Episode 1. Gilligan Cut: In Episode 5, the TARDIS crew has met up with the friendly Thals, and have been urging them to fight against the Daleks for the good of their race. Back in the Dalek city, the Daleks are looking over surveillance photos of the Thal’s camp, leading to this cut: Dalek: It is logical that together they will attack us.

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Celine Replica Bags Big Brother Mentor: To a lot of the younger talent, beyond his role as a trainer even. Big Word Shout: BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!! “YOU ARE A WHOOOOOOOOOORE!” “YOU HAVE A VAGIIIIINAAAAAA!” Blatant Lies: As a WWE heel, one of his major tactics for garnering heat. He claimed to defeat Rey Mysterio without interference, and turned NXT 1′s eight man beatdown on him and Cena into an attack on only him by thirty six armed opponents. Or that he didn’t defeat The Big Show and Kane because he had a one hundred and twenty degree fever. Celine Replica Bags

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Celine Cheap Dramatic Irony: While staying at an inn/brothel called the Peach, one of the “serving girls” jokingly tells Arya and Gendry that she might be King Robert’s bastard. Arya does note her Baratheon esque black hair, but internally dismisses the notion didn’t mean anything though. Gendry has the same kind of hair too. Lots of people have black hair.” Dye or Die: Sansa Stark has her hair dyed brown for hiding her identity. Dying Clue: Hoster Tully’s last word is “Tansy”, which all of his family is baffled by Celine Cheap.

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