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I got it in shade cinnamon that is slightly light for my skin

It gives a light coverage and the powder is finely milled. I got it in shade cinnamon that is slightly light for my skin tone but when blended it looks completely natural. I noticed that it is not very long lasting though. The advantage exploited with hybrid RANS LES modelling approaches, being tentially more computationally efficient than LES and more accurate than (unsteady) RANS, has motivated numerous research and development activities. These activities, together with industrial applications, have been further facilitated over the recent years by the rapid development of modern computing resources. As a European initiative, the EU project DESider (Detached Eddy Simulation for Industrial Aerodynamics, 2004 2007), has been one of the earliest and most systematic international R effort with its focus on development, improvement and applications of a variety of existing and new hybrid RANS LES modelling approaches, as well as on related numerical issues.

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