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Regular inspections of emergency equipment are necessary to

Deputies from Chambers County Sheriff’s Office rescued animals stranded at a flooded shelter in Hankamer, Texas, on Monday, August 28. Appeals to save the animals at Tall Tails Animal Rescue went viral on social media with photos of dogs standing in floodwater inside their cages. “Sheriff Brian C.

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Hermes Handbags If the weather continues as is, Wolfe said things could get dangerous.Regular inspections of emergency equipment are necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly when firefighters are called out during an emergency. (David Burke/CBC)”It could shape up to be a repeat of a few years ago, certainly, but it’s all in the weather,” he said. “But with climate and the way things are changing, I guess there’s the potential for maybe more of that to come in the future.”Both men said the public can help by being fire conscious and not lighting fires during dry weather or throwing out lit cigarettes.Christopher Wolfe is fire chief with the North Queens Fire Association Hermes Handbags.

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