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I also worked with excellent sports psychologists who helped


Airplane ticket reservation, which contradicts the claims of one of the plaintiffs accusing the Islamologist of rape, has strangely not been the subject of
This is an embarrassing element in the sensitive investigation against Tariq Ramadan, indicted on Friday for rape and Hermes Belt Replica placed in pre-trial detention pending the debate that will take place Tuesday before the judge of the investigation and freedoms ( JLD). According to our information, an important document for the manifestation of the truth has mysteriously lost the parquet of Paris before reappearing very In this case, it is about the reservation of the air ticket between London and Lyon taken by the Islamalogue October 9, 2009, date of alleged aggression denounced by one of the
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> For his supporters, this information considerably weakens the statements of his accuser who explains being raped “in the afternoon.” Having not been informed of the existence of this piece before last Thursday, the investigators were not able to confirm or refute this alibi, sending a requisition to the airline by denouncing a “communication defect” “Which is” seriously prejudicial to Mr. Ramadan “, his lawyers, Yassine Bouzrou and Julie Granier, sent this Monday afternoon a letter to the Garde des Sceaux to request the referral to the General Inspectorate of the Investigators do not know not what it returns
The reservation of plane is part of a note sent on December 6 last by the lawyers of Tariq Ramadan to the section P20 of the parquet floor of Paris, that is to say the section in charge of lead the preliminary investigation opened October 20 While the theologian is placed in custody last Wednesday, his lawyers are surprised that at no time the investigators of the 2nd district judicial police (DPJ) do not question him onsound The temporary loss of the note is therefore not.

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