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“It’s a million dollars, over a million dollars

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe City of Greater Sudbury is refusing to disclose or discuss details of the new lease with Northern Ontario Film Studios, but documents obtained by the CBC show the private company was paying below fair market rent for at least some of the past six years at Barrydowne Arena.Thornloe University film professor Ben Paquette got a similar response a few years ago when he requested a copy of the lease or information on the rent the city was charging.”I just found it so strange and I was like ‘But it’s a public document, can I not see that?’ ‘Nope’” he says.At the time, Paquette was looking to set up another film studio in the city, where his students could be involved.He filed a freedom of information request for the 2012 lease and found that Northern Ontario Film Studios was paying $2,000 a month.Thornloe University film professor Ben Paquette (Erik White/CBC)He asked a commercial real estate agent what would be considered fair market value for the property and was told it would be closer to $14,000 per month.”The city is missing out,” Paquette says. “It’s a million dollars, over a million dollars.”He also believes this agreement violates Section 106 of the Municipal Act, which forbids a municipality from leasing public property to a private business for below fair market value.Paquette complained to the City of Greater Sudbury in Feburary 2017 and received this response in July:”This complaint was investigated by the Auditor General’s Office and is being closed. The lease agreement with Northern Ontario Film Studios has been structured in a fashion that causes the rental charge to increase to the estimated fair value over the lease term which ends on March 31, 2018.”The Northern Ontario Film Studio set up in the old Barrydowne Arena in 2012, saying it was a temporary location until a permanent facility could be built.

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