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You can include a short bio with your avatar image on your

Writing Techniques That You Should Be Using

canada goose clearance sale Tell People You Write Articles, Not HubsWhen mentioning your hubs to the outside world, or referring to another hub in a hub, don’t refer to them as a hub. Only other Hubbers know what that is. Refer to it as an “article.”

buy canada goose jacket cheap Most of our traffic is organic, from the outside world. At least that’s the traffic we hope to get.

canada goose clearance In addition, don’t call it a blog! I see some people doing that. is not a blog site. Articles Canada Goose sale are stand alone pages of informative content. Blogs may be informative too, but are less formal and don’t require as much uk canada goose outlet research.

canada goose coats on sale Include “About The ” Bio on Each HubThe most usually canada goose uk black friday missed feature is the canada goose coats on sale Bio. I read so many canada goose black friday sale hubs that are missing this.

cheap Canada Goose Don’t confuse this canada goose uk outlet with the profile bio. The Bio goose sale is managed under the “About the ” tab under your account page. You can include a short bio with your avatar image on your individual canada goose coats Hubs. You can create up to 25 individual bios and each is limited to 140 characters. The presence of a bio under your avatar helps the reader have confidence in you and rely on the information in your article.

I created several individual bios, each one specific to the categories I write about. If all your hubs are related to one theme, then you probably only need one Bio. However, most of us tend Canada Goose Online to write hubs on a variety of unrelated subjects. A unique bio for each category will relate better and add to your reader’s confidence in your writing.

canada goose black friday sale Once you have created one or more bios, you can assign each of your hubs to each bio. There is no limit to how many hubs can be assigned to a bio. You’re just limited to the 25 bios.

Remember, you should make each bio relate well to the assigned hubs. I write most of my bios in a general buy canada goose jacket cheap way so they can be applied to several different hubs. However, in one case I decided to make a bio very specific to the hub as shown below.

canadian goose jacket The point is that you should write your bio so that Canada Goose online it works well for each of your hubs.

Here is an example of my bio I use for my product review hubs.

The Importance of Using “About the ” to Manage BiosYou can add bios directly in the HubTool when creating a new hub, but be careful with that. I noticed a number of Hubbers get confused when they try Canada Goose Coats On Sale to change their bios from there.

Canada Goose Parka I suggest that you should always maintain your bios in the “About the ” page. That’s the only place where you will see your entire set of canada goose bios, along with the list of hubs assigned under each one.

Being that they are all in one place, it’s easy to move hubs from one bio to another if you need to do that. In addition, you can clearly see how your have organized your hubs under various bios.

Canada Goose online In August 2017 changed the HubTool to make these two items more obvious canada goose store because many Hubbers overlooked these important details.

Now the bio is right up front under the summary cheap Canada Goose field when you edit a hub, as shown below.

Select the Bio you want to use from the list of Bios you had created (as I discussed above). You can also create a new bio while editing your hub, if you hadn’t created one already.

Canada Goose sale Show ity With a True Image Avatar and Real NameThere was canada goose clearance sale a time when canada goose factory sale Google included our image in the SERPs as long as you had a real face image. They discontinued that canadian goose jacket for reasons that are outside of the scope of this article, but I feel it still helps show that you are legitimate. Please don’t shoot Canada Goose Parka the messenger; I’m just sharing that with you.

A real name, or at least something that looks like a real name, also makes a better impression. Pen names are fine. cheap canada goose uk Even if you used a meaningless username, you can add your real name in your profile settings and that will be displayed in your hubs.

Research Good Titles for Your HubsYou can take advantage of a search feature of Google and Bing. When you buy canada goose jacket start to type anything to search, it completes it as you type. This actually provides clues to what other people are searching. Google also shows you alternative search uk canada goose words at the bottom of your search.

This is valuable in helping create good titles that work well with attracting traffic.

Canada Goose Outlet You’re not done. Go back after a few months of publishing to fine tune canada goose clearance your titles. Data about search strings may have accumulated after several months. You should look over what people have been typing Canada Goose Jackets into search engines when they found you. This can help improve your title.

buy canada goose jacket Click the “Search Phrases” tab under the “Stats” tab on the hub you want to work on. Then click on the period canada goose uk shop of time you want to review.

canada goose When constructing or changing your title, remember that it should clearly state what you discuss in your hub. In addition, you need to deliver on that and stay focused. Avoid anything that does not relate specifically to what the title indicates.

canada goose coats Titles should also be limited Canada Goose Outlet to around 60 characters, because anything longer gets cut off in the search listings (SERPs). It’s not exactly 60 characters because character width affects what gets truncated. More ‘I’s and less ‘W’s and you might get away with a longer title, but don’t go crazy with that.

Canada Goose Jackets Just keep in mind that people may not see enough of the title to convince them to click to your hub.

canada goose deals Select a Good URL When Creating New HubsYou only have one chance to specify the URL and that is when you first create the hub. After that, it remains constant even when you change the title.

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