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I actually don want to work purely Canada Goose Online

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Canada Goose Parka 1 point submitted 14 days agoNever fun to be stopped by the police! That being said, they let you off with a warning, realizing that you had Canada Goose online made an honest mistake :) Just remember that by this morning, all will be forgotten. With the volume of people that the TTC police see, they will certainly have forgotten about canada goose coats it, and the Canada Goose Parka probability of you encountering the same TTC police officer buy canada goose jacket is very low!Just make sure that you put it in your calendar near the end of April to purchase a new pass for the next month :) I once lost my school ID the morning of canada goose uk shop a final exam in a 1st year physics course felt like a real dweeb sheepishly buy canada goose jacket cheap showing up to the exam without an ID (fortunately in my case, I had been to the instructor’s office hours a number of times, so he recognized me and let me write), but I know the feeling for sure!Today is a new day, and canada goose clearance a new beginning of sorts! The TTC police won’t remember you, honestly! And they aren’t likely to be checking passes again at the same spot today anyways!Don worry about your friends drifting away. I not suggesting you forget canada goose factory sale about cheap canada goose uk them but take the initiative to make new ones. Take part in intramurals, clubs, etc, there are tons of ppl in your situationTo move onto your complaints about your work I would suggest again taking the initiative. If they are giving you the minimum then uk canada goose outlet think of a project you can start yourself at work to learn more or do side projects. Sure you might have gotten Canada Goose Outlet dealt a shitty co op but make the most cheap Canada Goose of it but you can expect people to always hand feed you what you want.Your last point makes me especially annoyed. How do you know employers judge your abilities on your 60s? Have you reached out to them to validate this? And if you think that every employer relies heavily uk canada goose on your grades then canada goose store balance them out with side projects and projects you have completed at work.I realize this isn maybe the most constructive feedback but honestly if you think this negatively then your mindset canada goose clearance sale will reflect this. It on you to shape how your university experience and co ops take the initiative. You can rely on others. And lasting, always remember your life canada goose uk black friday isn all that bad and that it can be much worse.afmwhohatesafm 3 points submitted 2 months agoChose accounting because I wanna grab my CPA designation. I actually don want to work purely Canada Goose Online accounting work once I graduate. However, many jobs that are not accounting related require a CPA, because accounting is a good baseline for many other business industry jobs and the fundamentals help you understand other roles. I actually don enjoy accounting that much but it does help with my understanding of why companies choose to do certain things. 5 points submitted 2 canada goose months agoI think canada goose coats on sale there are a lot of different reasons people focus on those jobs. I think one reason is that people focus on the perceived prestige of the job (at least early in their program). That pushes people to try the Canada Goose Jackets job in the first place. A second piece is that (especially for IB) people in banking often don want to stay in banking. Their whole plan is to be in banking for 2 years then jump to PE or some other area. They get a Canada Goose sale lot of industry knowledge and experience in those two years and it helps them make the jump later on. Finally, there is something to be said about having a high salary (although when you actually look at the effective hourly rate, it isn that great.)For consulting, one big attractive point (for me when I was considering it) was the variety you can get (over time) as a consultant. There are a lot of different projects and industries you can work in, and for a lot of people that has some appeal. It a dynamic job, and another piece is that you get to work with a team of (usually) interesting people.In terms of stress, that really depends on the person and how they perceive stress. For banking, I wouldn say it is so much stress as it is long hours and tight deadlines (and often a lot of up and wait For some people, if they find the work interesting, that isn It definitely tiring, but (to an extent) that isn always a bad thing.The reason you see a lot Canada Goose Coats On Sale of TAs in those roles isn because you need to be in those roles, it just that the TAs canadian goose jacket (I assuming you talking about 111/121) are (overall) near the top of their class. The people who get competitive jobs also need to be near the top of the class, so you going to get a lot canada goose uk outlet of overlap. There are plenty of TAs who didn go down the banking/consulting route, and there are plenty in banking/consulting that aren TAs. It just happens that there is a lot of overlap in the type of student that each position attracts.twofactorialBMath 2016 BA 2018 11 points submitted 8 months agoIf you liked STAT 230, you may want to try STAT 333. STAT 333 is stochastic processes, a course where you learn about Discrete and Continuous Markov chains. Its very theoretical in probability, and arguably one of the more difficult 300 level courses.If you liked the MLE stuff in STAT 231, you may want to try STAT 330. determining the parameters of a distribution using your data). Warning: Lots of canada goose black friday sale integrals here, maybe even double.If you liked the regression, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals in STAT 231, then 331 and 332 are fit for you. A majority of statistics courses are about running different regression models on the appropriate canadagoosesale data. 331 focuses on linear models: In particular, OLS and its applications. You will probably learn about the GM assumptions and what happens to your model when some of them break down. 332 applies regression models to two different topics: Experimental Design and Sampling.

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