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You meet a pretty cheap canada goose uk girl? Why should you

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DissheveledMadness 82 points submitted 3 canada goose uk shop months ago

I know we always talk about good songs canada goose black friday sale to listen to in the gym, but canada goose clearance sale what do you guys listen to AFTER the gym?

When I on the drive home from the gym (usually late at night) I don wanna keep canada goose outlet toronto Canada Goose Outlet factory listening to gangster rap or heavy rock. buy canada goose jacket cheap I usually stick to jazzy/smooth electric music like Nujabes or Alina Baraz.

Any Canada Goose Online suggestions for chill artists/songs for post gym cruising would be appreciated

Edit: this is getting canada goose factory outlet lots of replies and while canada goose outlet online I may not reply to all of you, canada goose outlet store just know I screenshotting all the canada goose jacket outlet responses of artists I haven listened to yet and will be looking into them and looking deeper into people that have been mentioned that I do canada goose store already listen to. Thanks guys, goose outlet canada goose coats canada you the shit. 10 points submitted 4 months ago

Ever since the stroke things havent been the same. I lost my job. I lost my wife. And to top it off I lost bodybuilding.

BB canada goose outlet parka was canada canada goose clearance goose outlet reviews my life for so many years. It pains me to say canada goose canada goose uk black friday outlet sale it that I can no longer lift the iron the way I used to. In fact, just the other day some dyel faggot threw water on me as some sort of cruel joke, all while uk canada goose outlet making these strange “beep boop” Canada Goose Parka noises. Because of my disabilities I couldnt do anything, and even though it was just water it stung my soul like acid.

There a guy we been seeing in the gym for a while who canada goose outlet uk sale made actually incredible progress in the past four months. His lifts canada goose outlet are getting competitive and his physique is totally different I think he literally added inches to his forearms. We really admire him.

Anyway, yesterday he canadian goose jacket was in the power rack and put 325 on the bar. You could see that it was a PR canada goose outlet canada and he was really psyching himself up canada goose outlet black friday for uk canada goose it because he go to the cheap Canada Goose canada goose outlet jackets bar, leave to go to the bathroom, go back to the bar, leave canada goose outlet in usa to walk around for a second, etc. After canada goose outlet Canada Goose Jackets nyc about 5 minutes he did the furious, primal run up thing and began repping it. The first three reps came up smooth canada goose factory sale as silk, then just before the fourth some DYEL walks up and starts taking 10lb off his rack, right in front of him. In the middle of his Canada Goose Coats On Sale fourth rep, another dude comes up and puts his plate back on the rack, like canada goose actually ducking in his bar Canada Goose sale path to get there.

What. The. Fuck. He failed the rep, which he probably wouldn have otherwise, and looked visibly irritated. I been there (loaded for a PR, with the bar from my back, and some weeny comes over and starts fucking around with plates on the rack less than a foot away from me). I can tell if people are just so dyel that they don know what “difficult” means, or if they so dyel that canada goose outlet store canada goose uk outlet uk they buy canada goose jacket think this is some kind of dominance display, but either way I wanted to choke these dudes out. Complained to gym canada goose black friday sale staff as we were leaving and they said that was outrageous and they move official canada goose outlet the plates off the rack, but that doesn change the fact that 85% of the people in my gym have no respect for thecanadagooseoutlet anyone else training.

Partican 3 points submitted 10 months ago

Don let it get to you. Girls who play games do shit like that. Can I tell you something? What would happen canada goose outlet online uk if you flipped the script? You know, stop chasing and start being chased?

I mean, you an awesome dude, everyone loves you. Well, not everyone, but people that are important to you in life love you. Because you love yourself. And why should anyone else love you if you don love you, right?

So, would a man that values himself and canada goose outlet new york city the people that are important to him chase girls??? Hell no, that guy lives his life to the fullest, and just by being an awesome, canada goose outlet uk loved guy, girls chase him. You meet a pretty cheap canada goose uk girl? Why should you talk to her? You a discerning man with high standards for potential mates, you can be swayed off your purposeful, driven goals in life by a pretty girl that thinks you need to chase her.

Keep Canada Goose online pursuing your dreams and goals, and canada goose coats on sale just being awesome. And look twice at any pretty girl that catches your eye. What can she bring to your life? See how canada goose outlet shop much more fun life is when you value yourself.

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