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10 weeks later, their remains are found, just moncler outlet

What is the scariest photo that exists

moncler jackets outlet Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users posting privileges as necessary if best moncler jackets it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. more >> moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet store Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Most of the uk moncler outlet cuts are through skin and fatty tissue (subcutaneous tissue), down to, but not through the muscle. The facial one concerns me as she may have hit nerves that cheap moncler jackets mens would cause a permanent facial moncler sale online droop. She would definitely hit vessels on these cuts, but most would be superficial veins and arteries that if she held pressure for a few minutes it would stop bleeding. Most of the major vessels that wouldn’t stop bleeding are deep in the moncler uk outlet muscle with some exceptions like the wrist, joints, neck, etc. Did she post that non self harming face pic? How was it learned that her name is Joan? moncler outlet store

discount moncler jackets When she was still actively posting, there was a group of people online moncler sale outlet hoping to moncler outlet online find/get help to the user. That album doesn’t even contain the most alarming pictures posted to the account. uk moncler sale She posted to 4chan a few times, once showcasing a gouge moncler outlet prices into her moncler moncler coat mens online store stomach so deep cheap moncler jackets that moncler outlet sale it was questionable whether she was going to survive. There was speculation that she had to have some kind of medical training as many of those cuts just wouldn’t heal properly without cheap moncler coats mens a tremendous number of stitches. discount moncler jackets

moncler coats I’m also curious how BPD got tied into this. Borderline Personality Disorder just doesn’t cause this level of self harming. Basically, two girls discount moncler jackets disappear during a hike in Panama. 10 weeks later, their remains are found, just moncler outlet bone fragments and a few of their equipment is left. There is a camera that has images. It starts off with normal images of the girls playing around as you would on a hike. You can see in the images they get lost at some point. The images abruptly stop after that. About 10 days later, 90 images are taken, moncler outlet woodbury most are dark, but a few show rocks and branches. One shows a bloodied hair of moncler sale one of the girls. The fate of the girls during and after those ten days leading moncler womens jackets to their deaths remains a mystery. All we know is that they attempted a few times to call the police, but no reception. The last being ten days after the disappearance. What creepy is that when those last photos were taken, moncler outlet store the girls(or girl) were cold, alone and scared trapped in a forest at cheap moncler jackets womens night. A lot of creepy cheap moncler sale theories abound about why moncler usa those photos were taken moncler coats.

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