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After all the diligence power is useless if you have 2

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The Dominican order doesn’t give you additional learning. You generate your devotion points based off of higher learning (the higher your learning the more devotion you generate per month). The Benedictine order generates its devotion per month on your stewardship, so if your character has high learning you get a lot more value in terms of rapid promotion/greater ability usage than the potential diligence power. After all the diligence power is useless if you have 2 stewardship and can never reach rank 4 before you’re 60. 1 point submitted 7 months ago

There a number of factors that need to go into consideration for it, as I not aware where you may have landed and/or your mystery. When I have played higher difficulties “Superconducted Computing” is actually a weak breakthrough because I would at most have 10 excess power, as canada goose outlet los angeles I expand and produce very specific amounts due to supply constraints.

Additionally, I had games where the strategy revolved around having zero metal canada goose discount uk deposits (mainly exporting rare metals and sucking up surface metals), so it not easy to suddenly overproduce power. Even if I could, 3 fully staffed science institutes (even with diminishing returns) can easily produce 3,000 science output with a network node spire, and it not as easy to match canada goose outlet in uk 3,000 power output without an excess of resources to build and maintain power sources so I don see a need to provide diminishing returns to “Superconducted Computing”, because if you cheap canada goose making to much research from excess power, then your probably built to many solar panels in the first place.

Canada Goose Online I see no reason for outsourcing to give diminishing returns considering how hard it is to garner funds at higher difficulties, and if you doing well it lets you fast forward the tech tree or provide a spike of research towards a canada goose outlet new york specific technology like a breakthrough, and giving it diminishing canada goose outlet in usa returns merely makes the game more difficult without making the game more fun or interactive. Canada Goose Online

canada goose uk black friday Europe, along with all the other nations gets the same amount of research from outsourcing, therefore it provides no reason to suddenly force them to get outsourcing at half the speed, the only sponsors that have a canada goose outlet ottawa drawback are the “Hard” difficulty sponsors, and Europe is meant to be the mid range of normal and thus shouldn have any drawbacks unless it being moved to the “Hard” category. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose uk shop Ultimately it sounds like you had canada goose outlet phone number a good start or a good run and feel the game is too easy, but I have good news as if you take a look at the Paradox Interactive Roadmap for Surviving Mars (which you can find pinned on this very reddit) they have plans for additional difficulty options for people such as yourself who want to increase the challenge of the game and tune things that you believe should be included. But as far as the base game is concerned canada goose outlet store calgary I have already shared my opinion on your suggestions. 1 point submitted 9 months ago canada goose uk shop

canada goose clearance I playing Charlemagne, and I already formed the French Empire, but I want to form the HRE instead, so I need Italy. I have a vassal count (a vassal of a vassal) who somehow has a claim on the Kingdom of Lombardy, so I thought “Sweet, I can just press that claim and make him king.” canada goose clearance

cheap canada goose uk Am I canada goose outlet in vancouver correct in thinking that after I win the war against Lombardy, the vassal whose claim I pressed will remain my vassal (since I an emperor and he just be a king), thus allowing me to absorb the entirety of Lombardy into my empire? cheap canada goose uk

canada goose factory sale albino_donkey 1 point submitted 1 year ago canada goose factory sale

canada goose black friday sale What are my options for declawing a powerful vassal? There a claimant I want to push onto a foreign duchy but doing so will give him around 7 or 8 counties. The most holdings any other vassal holds is 2. canada goose black friday sale

even though the claimant loves me right now; I would like to avoid future issues with his children.

Claim fabrication is too slow/expensive so pushing the guy claims seems like the easiest way for me to actually expand.

Canada Goose Outlet A tyranny free solution would be ideal, as I still have quite a few years left in me. 2 points submitted 1 year ago Canada Goose Outlet

Started a new playthrough in the Charlemagne start; I played as Sigurdr Ring and formed the Kingdom of Svibjod. Fabricated a claim on Sjaelland for the holy site. In a series of disastrous events, lost the war. Ragnarr died rather young, but it no consequence as I playing one of Sigurdr randomly generated children.

Getting into the raiding mechanics and currently raiding a few areas of Ireland. Year 805. Are there any important aspects of raiding that isn mentioned often beside being as opportunistic as possible and somewhat cautious of rulers raising armies?

canada goose store I assuming this is a slow start for the Vikings until 867. To become Fylkir, I understand you need to control three holy sites. Are there any more requirements as I eventually work my way up? canada goose store

Mage13lade 3 points submitted 1 year ago

Elevator module. The CSM allows multi level bases but being able to have a multi level base without having to enter a zero g zone is easier on my sanity.

Also interesting would be something like a zero g module where the end hallway was upside down, allowing inverted sections of bases for additional command modules views or something similar. Bonus points if this hallways in question is a twisted hallway that allows a gravity assisted walk into the inverted gravity well.

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