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16 points submitted 22 days agoFan posted a picture saying he gets 78ms to central. I get 57ms to central as someone on the east coast, so not THAT much higher on his end. Meanwhile I get 109ms to west.So imagine Fan and I are playing each other on central (and assuming I not bronze and he not pro and we of equal skill).

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replica ysl I forgot to add the ysl replica bags various other ways taxation and tax rates are set in India: Moral opinions, personal bias, or simply wrong conclusions from data.On February 1, the Union government imposed a 10 per cent tax on long term capital gains mainly on equity funds and share purchases made after February 1, 2018, ysl replica aliexpress and, to some extent, on previous purchases.As it happens with most decisions, the explanation or principles behind this were made available to the unwashed masses, not through any well articulated white paper but through sound bites.In fact, it became clear when Hasmukh Adhia, finance secretary, shared his thoughts with the media.Here are some of his thoughts, or if you can call them, followed by my comments:We cannot have a completely different, and sweet, dispensation for one type of capital gain vis a vis others. This tends to skew investment and people prefer an option where there is no tax.This argument is intuitively correct and practically wrong.In an interview in 2014, Ashish Kumar Chauhan, managing director and chief executive officer of the Bombay Stock Exchange, pointed out that only 2 per cent of people in India invested in ysl l’homme fake stocks and the number of investors had remained the same over two decades.By the ysl heels opyum replica way, Mr Chauhan has been an enthusiastic supporter of taxing long term gains from equity.According to the government data until 2014, the average Indian household held 77 per cent of its assets in real estate, 11 per cent in gold, 7 per cent in durable goods such as a vehicle or inventory for a shop, and just 5 per cent in financial assets.An overwhelming amount of that 5 per cent was held in fixed income products like bank and post office deposits and provident funds.Clearly, the tax free status of equities since 2005 has never been a ysl replica deciding factor in determining where savers would invest.It would take multiple articles to explain why, delving into behavioural science.The lesson: It is important for policymakers to acquire specialised knowledge, not to depend on their intuitive sense and gut feel.The FM mentioned Rs 3.67 lakh crore capital gains accrued last year.Suppose this was the salary income of people, it ysl muse replica would have been taxed at 20 per cent or 30 per cent.This is a gain which is not accruing from any effort, but is just an investment gain.There are two issues here. One, the finance secretary is all excited at the thought of being able to take a bite out of the Rs 3.67 lakh crore gain.The finance minister has budgeted an LTCG gain figure of Rs 200 billion (Rs 20,000 crore) for 2018 19.But there will be LTCG if only most stocks end up higher than they were on January 31.Mr Adhia interviews will make sure that there will not be much gain to tax.The second issue is his characterisation ysl fake t shirt that investment gains are not a product of any effort.This comment has riled people, who have expressed their views in social media.Rajeev Chandrashekar, member of the Rajya Sabha, pointed out you are wrong in signaling to the world that long term investing involves no there is difference between speculative trading and long term investing. replica ysl

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yves saint laurent replica purse I invested more and was able to beat 2 shaper guardians, but couldn beat the rest because my build/my skills couldn handle them. This is proper “progress limiting”. I can get to shaper because, A) I rubbish, or B) My build sucks.Could you imagine if you had to farm for gas for your car? Everytime your car ran out of fuel you had to walk to the local gas station, get a cup of gas and walk back. yves saint laurent replica purse

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replica ysl clutch bag outlet He’s not bypassing immigration, it’s never been harder to become a Canadian. Most terrorism has been white nationalism and incels, the people who tend to support your guy. Show me proof of terrorism coverups please. The ysl bags replica dhgate Canadian Press has learned that Driver was the terrorism suspect killed in a confrontation with police ysl false lash mascara Wednesday in the southern Ontario town of Strathroy.In June 2015, Driver was first picked up in Winnipeg. Published reports at the time suggested Driver posted messages on social media that praised terrorist activities, including the attack on Parliament Hill in October 2014 by Michael Zehaf Bibeau.Amarnath Amarasingam, a post doctoral fellow at Dalhousie University who studies radicalization and terrorism, maintained in 2015 that Driver posted for several months on social media about disliking Canada and about a desire to move overseas.READ MORE:Winnipeg terrorism suspect released; must follow 25 conditionsMounties applied for a peace bond that could impose limits on Driver activities, alleging in provincial court documents that investigators believed he might help with terrorist group activities.When Driver, who was in his mid 20s, was released later that month, he was ordered to comply with 18 different conditions, including wearing a GPS tracking device.VIDEO:Winnipeg terrorism suspect agrees to a peace bondAt the time, the bail conditions drew criticism from the Manitoba Association of Rights and a person a Canadian citizen who has not been charged with a crime and yet he going to be subject to 24 7 GPS monitoring, said association president Corey Canada and a judge has just told this man that he must receive counselling from a religious leader. That, frankly, is outrageous replica ysl clutch bag outlet.

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